About USAID's Catalyzing Clean Energy in Bangladesh

USAID's Catalyzing Clean Energy in Bangladesh (CCEB) supports the development of a low greenhouse gas economy and promotes clean energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation in Bangladesh. This USD 15 million project commenced in 2012, and is working to:

• Improve the regulatory environment for clean energy development
• Strengthen analytical capacity for energy sector planning and policy-making
• Support industrial energy efficiency analysis and adoption
• Promote demand side management programs for electric utilities
• Conducting market analysis and promote use of improved cook stoves.

CCEB’s objective is to support energy sector development for energy security, economic growth and climate change mitigation. Building on USAID/Bangladesh’s previous achievements, USAID’s Clean Energy program will work with the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC), Government of Bangladesh ministries and agencies, energy utilities, private sector energy end-users and other relevant stakeholders. CCEB efforts focus on strengthening the energy regulatory environment, increasing energy efficiency and promoting clean energy development. The project will provide technical assistance to targeted organizations, small project grants as incentives to promote industrial energy efficiency adoption and training to individuals or groups. These efforts will help build institutional and human capacity in regulatory practices and energy business operations to strengthen Bangladesh’s ability to make decisions related to clean energy and reduce GHG emissions.